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Laptop battery age is not as advertised

Commercial advertising often, if not always say, States advantages of a product and try to hide the weakness. The public must be more critical before buying the product so as not to fall victim to the advertisers’ sweet ado. Recently, Which? Magazine identified “ad lies” about battery life on laptops. The battery component is indeed […]

How to maximize the laptop battery life

There may be a time when you can’t charge your laptop due to the busy schedule. Because you don’t know when you will get the next opportunity to charge your laptop, so you tend to overcharge. Do you think your laptop battery is not as old as it used to be? Some of you have […]

Hands-on with Acer swift 5, liquid surface competitors run silent

Microsoft has set the gold standard for its surface Pro tablet combo device, and other PC vendors have followed their own design suit. Acer’s latest Surface style device, switch 5, offers some advantages, but lacks in other areas. I had a chance to play with the Switch 5 at an Acer event in New York […]

Acer Aspire Switch 3 Pro leaks to confirm low cost specifications

Acer is likely to be in the works of a new 2-in-1 tablet computer with its switch alpha 12, although it may have a similar design. Although not officially announced by Acer, leaked information gives us a good idea of what a convertible laptop will look like, as well as some of its internal specifications can […]

ASUS Zenbook ux301la head turn now just $699

ASUS is famous for creating yltrabooks to turn the head, but the Zenbook ux301la is a slightly different beast. It drains the traditional aluminum notebook frame which is featured in a scratch resistant Gorilla Glass. Make this Zenbook look more luxurious than its price proposal, especially now is $300, priced at only $699 at B&H […]

Bad weather emergency communications and power supply, 2017 Edition

Every springtime, I reassess the electronic communications equipment that can help the Oklahoma people overcome difficulties, bad weather conditions. Electronics manufacturers change, replace and discontinue things all the time, and so, every year I take a fresh look at what folks can actually get in order to keep themselves and their families safe. Many times, […]

Windows 10 latest features help save battery life

Microsoft’s latest addition to the Windows 10 is designed for those apps enthusiasts, multitasking users who push their laptops to the limit, causing their battery life to go along the razor’s edge. Dubbed Power Throttling, the upcoming feature will help Windows spend “minimal possible battery” on apps running in the background, which Microsoft says will […]

The Development and Prospect of wireless power tool industry

Power tools are used to make products, which is convenient and convenient. Types of power tools include engine driven power tools, power tools and pneumatic power tools. Engine driven power tools to the steam engine operation, used by professionals and individuals, to cut down the garden hedge and wood. The power source of the pneumatic power […]

The latest Windows insider updates target battery hogs with “power throttling”

The creator of the update is live, but the work is still behind the scenes, with Windows insiders on the horizon to taste some of the new features. Today’s internal construction includes common bug fixes, and may extend the battery life of your laptop. Insiders installing Build 16176 can expect some slight improvements in overall […]

How to properly take care of laptop batteries

You may know some tips to extend your laptop’s battery life whether it’s dimming screen or off Wi-Fi, but there are many other ways you can and should take care of it for too long. Here’s how to get the maximum amount of laptop juice from the following simple rules. Every laptop battery degrades over […]