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Review:Bosch GSA18V-125 Cordless Reciprocating Saw

New gsa18v-125 BOSCH cordless reciprocating saw looks future design. Rather than coming out with an inclined reciprocating saw first, BOSCH’s intent to see this is to restart the market to produce the best 18V cordless reciprocating saw. The new shape of the handle, angle, motor position and function, packaging, packaging, have done this. Bosch went […]

How to choose the right notebook for you

You will be confused by the huge choice of laptops on the market. After all, dozens of manufacturers launch dozens of new models each year. The best way to find the best laptop you need is to know what your choices are. We explain here all of these categories of choices. 1. Choose portability versus […]

Acer spin 1 provides 1080p screen, light box budget buyers

A lot of affordable 2 1 cut corners, hazy, low resolution screen, while the spin is not Acer 1. Today announced that appear in next week’s Taipei international computer show, spin 11.6 inch 1 with a 1920 x 1080 IPS display, 360 degree bend back into the tablet or tent mode. It will start at […]

HP’s Spectre x2 may be the Surface Pro killer we have been waiting for

HP’s second generation Spectre X2 is here to distract us from the rumors of Microsoft Surface Pro 5, may never come, no matter how hard we want. Announced on Monday that the new ghost beat X2 Pro 4 surface aging has better function of the price, plus its own version corrects many original sin. The […]

XPS 13 killer? New HP envy 13 looks good

The DELL XPS 13 has been playing for more than two years, but it may have finally encountered an opponent. The new HP Envy 13 is an amazing lightweight portable computer that completes a gorgeous, almost borderless display with seventh generations of core power and up to 14 hours battery life (rated). We went hands-on […]

Extend Your Laptop’s Longevity To Save More

I can remember clearly when my MacBook motherboard crashed. Just like yesterday. I have to admit, it’s all my fault because I spilled a lot of hot drinks. The situation is bad and the motherboard has many important components, together, such as CPU and memory. To my horror, the damage took me back by S$500. […]


Recent reports show that terrorists can now create bombs so thinly that they cannot detect current X ray screening, carried by our carry on bags. In an effort to protect against such threats, the U.S. is considering banning laptops and other large electronic devices in the passenger cabins of airplanes flying between Europe and the […]

New Acer swift and Acer switch Laptop: affordable 2 – in 1s and liquid cooling

Acer’s CEO, Jason Chen, is on the stage in New York today to launch Acer’s new range of notebooks, 2017 for the 2 in 1 and related devices for the back to school season. We took a closer look at the latest additions to the Acer swift notebook and the Acer switch 2 and 1 […]

Here’s 10 common mistakes to avoid when you buy a new laptop

Chances are, you can vividly recall JFK’s famous inaugural speech in 1961, whether you’re alive or just after the event. The exact opposite of what’s on your laptop is: don’t ask what you can do for your notebook – ask what your laptop can do for you. You’ve probably owned a few notebooks, you know […]

The battery will eventually die, but when and where?

Discovering Damage before Danger Arises with the Three-prong Battery Test The media quickly reported the misfortune of lithium-ion batteries. A failed lithium ion gets higher attention than an old battery chemical accident. Electric skateboards have been recalled because of battery fires; 2006 SONY recalled laptop batteries; and 2012 / 2013 Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes grounded; […]