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Notebook Battery Charging Tips from the Pros

There’s a lot of talk these days about mobile phone batteries and charging, but laptop batteries are their own, and they deserve attention. Your laptop battery is one of the most important components of it. Even when we talk about laptops, we tend to think of things like display sizes, RAM and CPU capabilities and […]

How to Keep Your Tool Battery Better

Power tools use batteries or electricity, and batteries can be recharged or used at once. Usually they are rechargeable. Cadmium, nickel, or nickel cadmium batteries, usually used in power tools. Unfortunately, the power of rechargeable batteries usually does not exceed 18 to 24 months. What many tool owners do not know is that, in BOSCH, […]

The Best Student notebooks for 2017/18

As the new semester hits off, every student needs a laptop. So this is the 2017/18 student of our 3 major draft. Taking into account prices, durability, characteristics, memory, use, and all the other important things for students. These laptops are not specific, but this paper can refer to specific features that can help students […]

Want innovation? “Upgrade your computer, not your phone,” HP said.

Last month, over the past ten years, iPhone has flooded, and in fact, you might think that personal computers have become buzzing. But Ron Coughlin doesn’t. The leader of HP‘s PC division thinks his industry has snatched the initiative for technological improvements back from phones. “The innovation is happening in PCs,” Coughlin said in an […]

Five reasons to get a 4K notebook and one big reason to stay away

Their value has been debated since the 2014 4K resolution screen began appearing on laptops. At the time, there was nothing to benefit from photo editing, very few 4K content was available, and the software couldn’t improve resolution. Then there’s added hardware requirements in 4K to play games or videos, so you don’t just pay […]

LAPTOP: I Need a Sub-$800 College Gaming Laptop

In 2017, every university student needs to have a laptop, even if they have a powerful desktop computer at home. Forum user modern_mo is looking for a 15 inch college laptop that he or she can bring to school with $2200 home desktops unavailable. Modern_mo needs laptops to get a battery life of at least […]

Top 10 Notebook Battery Saver Software For Windows

We all deal with the problem of laptop batteries. Do you think your laptop always runs out of batteries at the critical moment? Your laptop has been in use for over a year, and the battery can hardly last 2-3 hours. How can we extend the battery capacity of our laptop to last longer? Therefore, […]

Confused By Notebooks, These Tips Can Help!

Many people love the technology in today’s new notebooks, but for most people, it has become confusing because of all the progress of this great invention. If you buy a new laptop in the market, or you just want to know more about what you will buy in the future, this article will help you […]

Dell Inspiron 1000 Series Notebook 8 cell battery Replacement

Here is a guide to show you how to replace your laptop battery. As we all know, a normal battery life is about 1.5 – 2 years, which comes with the laptop you bought. Your laptop battery is affected by many factors, including age, environment, and frequency of use. If your laptop battery is charging […]

HP made a notebook slightly thicker to add 3 hours of battery life

When predicting a company’s next product, simple guesses are always: it’s a little thinner, and it might be a little bit worse. Usually that’s right, but it’s nice to see HP taking a different approach. For one laptop it’s unveiling at CES today, a new version of its 15.6-inch Spectre x360, HP is making the […]