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Save battery life by hibernating your notebook instead of putting it to sleep

Like many owners of laptop computers, you might put it in a sleep mode every time you close the lid and send the machine to a new location. But if you constantly find yourself having to deal with a low battery, there is a better way. Hibernate your laptop instead! Sleep mode has its place, […]

2017 guide:The best laptops to buy

Picking the best laptop is not an easy task, and finding the right balance between capacity and fair price can make experienced buyers daunting. And every year the list of top picks changes. As new models are released and reviewed recommendations change as new challengers emerge. With so much choice just a few clicks away, The […]

The Importance of Compac Notebook Batteries

Even better, go to 8 GB to pertussis 16GB memory space laptop, you rest assured, your laptop is too powerful, and even run the most innovative games not only today, but also in the coming months. Read the reviews of processors produced by different manufacturers, and then select a laptop that is identical. When you […]

Fix Missing Notebook Battery Icon on Windows 10 Creators Update

“I get a missing laptop battery icon on the taskbar after the Windows 10 Creators Update.” “The battery icon is missing from the taskbar. Any solution?” “My Dell Inspiron laptop has stopped showing the power icon. What should I do?” “After Windows 10 Creators Update, I can’t see my battery status. It has just disappeared!” “After the Windows 10 update, […]

This upgrade will extend your MacBook Air years of life.

Battery technology has improved in the past few years, but rechargeable batteries always lose power over time. Apple claims their laptop batteries can complete 1,000 full “charge cycles” before experiencing any degradation, but if you’ve been using your MacBook Air regularly, you might be noticing it already. If the only problem with your older computer […]

Top 10 Best Notebooks Under $600

Everyone has a common idea, in the purchase of notebook computer, that is to say, their new laptop computer should be able to easily do all their daily activities, but if your new laptop computer has the ability to do all kinds of tasks? Sounds good, doesn’t it? In general, the notebook computer type called […]

How To Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

If you want to learn how to make your laptop battery last longer, then you can do it without spending money. Many people who want to learn how to make laptop batteries last longer don’t usually do too much CPU. This means that laptops waste energy when they don’t need it. There are some functions […]

Why Everyone Is Completely Wrong About Cheap Notebook Batteries

The 5-Minute Rule for Cheap Laptop Batteries By studying how to repair batteries, you can also learn how to properly maintain the battery. It is recommended to choose batteries with warranty and climate change resistance. Once the battery is sold by retailers, the situation will get worse, because the cost has risen a notch. Compared […]

How To Increase Notebook Battery Life To Maximum

Most of us now have mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and so on. Notebook computer is an important computer with mobility. These laptops are in many places, such as shops, offices, homes, shopping malls, and many other places. We carry out many important tasks on our precious laptops. These tasks include doing our office […]

5 Work Notebooks With 12+ Hours of Battery Life

For some small business owners, long battery life is one of the most important functions of laptop computers. If you’re a long working person, often out of power, and want a laptop that works the same as you do, this list is for you. Longest Lasting Business Laptops Editor’s Note: Microsoft recently announced the release of […]