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How to Have a Longer Lasting Dell Latitude D630 Notebook Battery

Many factors affect the amount of time that a laptop battery can supply before it is charged. How to extend the battery life of DELL Latitude D630 laptop? Here are some tips to improve the battery life of your DELL Latitude D630: Steps If you do not use your laptop for extended periods of time […]

Top 8 Laptops to Buy in 2017 for Under $500

Not long ago, the $500 batch of computers was considered cheap, poor battery life and underpowered processors. But in 2017, it can’t be inconsistent with the facts, and a lot of affordable laptops can make you want to know why you even need to pay for the latest gadgets. Over the past three years in […]

How to Check the Charge of a Dell Notebook’s Battery

Do you have a Dell laptop but don’t know how much charge it has? Are you going out for a taxi? It will help you to finish the task! Steps Take the laptop out of its case. Make sure it is off and not in sleep mode. Flip it over onto it’s top so you […]

A Definitive List of 5 Tools to Check Notebook Battery Health

To check the health of laptop batteries is one of the most important and the least important things that we all know. The battery in a laptop is a key component, and it can continue to power when it doesn’t plug in the power. Therefore, it is important that people realize the change in battery […]

How to Cope with laptop batteries

Technological change is happening quickly and unconsciously. Nearly 50 years ago, the first connection between computers has turned into a connection wave that covers the earth. New devices and innovative ways make use of power connections and functions unimaginable. Laptop batteries with these challenges. LUCAS AJANAKU wrote about how to deal with these challenges. The […]

The Best Laptops Winter 2017: Speed Spikes On Intel 8th Gen Quad Core

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your laptop, it’s time to move. The mainstream 13 inch Laptop that runs Intel’s eighth generation core processor will be faster than ever. Typically, Intel mobile quad-core processors have been 45 watts and restricted to larger, high-performance laptops for gamers and professionals. For example, Dell’s XPS 15 has always come […]

Toshiba’s battery recall and tips on maintaining your notebook’s battery

IDG news service reports, Toshiba and SlashGear start another series of battery recalls due to fire risk. The models that may be affected are Satellite A100/A105 and Tecra A7 and two accessory/replacement batteries, model numbers PA3451U-1BRS and PA3399U-2BRS. This link to Toshiba’s support site can help you check if your battery is affected or not. This recent recall […]

Why Apple should make Mac chips: Windows 10 ARM notebooks will have multi-day battery life

Industry players, such as Microsoft, has arrived at Hongkong Qualcomm’s 4G / 5G summit this week, the annual event planning and discussion trends and technology development. One of the topics of surefire interest revolves around Microsoft’s upcoming ARM-powered Windows 10 laptop. In a glimpse into its battery life potential, Microsoft’s Principal Group Program Manager for Connectivity Partners, […]

The Best Budget Gaming Notebook

Not everyone has 1600 dollars (or more) to spend on high-end consoles. Most people do not want to drag a 9 pound “notebook” cafe or library E. For those people, a smaller, cheaper game laptop with a weight of less than 6 pounds has a 15 inch screen, and a price less than 1000 dollars […]

Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Battery Care Tips

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Battery AussieBatt provide compatible cordless Vacuum Cleaner batteries replacements. The heavy duty Dyson Vacuum Cleaner batteries come with full 1 year warranty and Australia Post fast free shipping. In addition, the replacement vacuum vleaner batteries for Dyson supplied by AussieBatt are meet or exceed OEM specifications. The battery of your Dyson Vacuum Cleaner uses a […]