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Top 10 Corded Drill Reviews 2018– Buying Guide

The design of the electric tools helps to make the work easier. If you are considering boring holes on different materials, having a best corded drill will make your work easier. Having more information about the types of drills available will help you avoid the confusion when buying. You might be asking yourself, why you […]

Why does cordless battery tools fail?

Lithium ion batteries make many cordless tools possible: electric drills, reciprocating saws, circular saws, impact drives. These batteries have become so good that even nails and mowers are powered by lithium batteries. The dark side is that these batteries are notorious for their high failure rates.  And surprisingly enough, unlike ni-cad batteries, which fail in […]

Gas/Cordless Framing Nailer Head to Head

Gas & Cordless Framing Nailers Comparison Introduction The tool box buzzing crew assembled in Concord, Ma on four air nailer and a wireless frame nail gun. Test equipment for ambient temperatures at about 20 degrees Fahrenheit was left overnight for standard field condition simulations. Equipment is usually stored overnight in a conditional or outdoor weather […]

The Development and Prospect of wireless power tool industry

Power tools are used to make products, which is convenient and convenient. Types of power tools include engine driven power tools, power tools and pneumatic power tools. Engine driven power tools to the steam engine operation, used by professionals and individuals, to cut down the garden hedge and wood. The power source of the pneumatic power […]

Cordless power tools selection guide: how to select battery type

A good cordless tool battery will help a tool to perform its best, this purchase guide gives shoppers the information they need to get most of their cordless tools. Because the battery is what makes it possible for cordless tools to do their work, choosing the type of battery technology that the tool uses is […]

How to make rechargeable batteries on your smartphone, tablet or laptop for years

There’s a lot of voodoo written about how to take care of the rechargeable batteries inside smartphones, tablets or notebooks. While a bit of care can make all the difference, you don’t need to treat the battery like a sick pet. It’s been designed and built to do a job, so most of the time […]

How to check whether HP laptop battery is recalled

On Tuesday HP recalled more than 100,000 batteries that could overheat and catch fire. Laptop models included in the recall include HP, Compaq, HP ProBook, HP Envy, Compaq Presario, and HP Pavilion Notebook Computers sold between March 2013 and October 2016, according to HP’s recall website. If you have any question whether your laptop is […]

Blink security cameras for lazy people

Most people who really need security cameras should already have installed them. However, there are still plenty of people like me, who aren’t willing to make that much of an effort, or pay a monthly fee. Now there is at least one system that meets our needs, following Blink’s official UK launch yesterday (Tuesday 29 […]