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How to charge the right cell phone battery: Tips for battery maintenance

Although most of us live in fear of fading mobile phone batteries, when we go out, we don’t worry too much about the battery’s final life (about three to five years). But there’s a way to keep your batteries in top shape for a long and productive life. Batteries do not enjoy eternal life. Most […]

How to fast-charge your smartphone or tablet when you’re in a hurry

Picture this: You’re leaving your home or office in 20 minutes and your smartphone’s battery is almost dead. How do you get the maximum amount of charge into the device in the shortest amount of time? Here’s the best method I’ve found, and it works well for iPhone and Android smartphones, as well as tablets […]

The Galaxy S8 and beyond: Samsung gamble Bixby AI

SEOUL—In the battle of the virtual assistants, Amazon has friends and Google has search. Samsung has your TV and washing machine. Samsung‘s Bixby AI system, coming on the Galaxy S8 phone which launches on March 29, starts out as voice commands for your phone. But its end goal is to tie together all of your […]

All Android users will understand the 10 battery life crisis moments

No matter how big your Android phone’s battery is, it will never be big enough. We’ve all had that moment—usually when we’ve been out all night, taking tons of Instagram-worthy party photos—when we realize, “Oh yeah, I should’ve charged my phone before heading out. What was I thinking, that 78 percent would be fine for […]