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The best cordless drills to buy

There is no reliable cordless drill, and the Arsenal without DIY is complete. Drilling tools are essential tools for assembling new furniture, repairing everyday wear and other scattered jobs around the house.   But while most of us have a mains-powered drill hiding away somewhere in the house, a cordless model lets you move around […]

Best Cordless Drills Consumer Reports Has Ever Tested

If you’ve picked up cordless drills for a while, you might be accused of having one or two loose ends. Battery powered borers at the latest rating of CR can drill and drive screws longer and more power than a similar model a few years ago. So whether you need to drive lag bolts into […]

8 Tips For Important Drill Safety

Using power tools can make difficult work easier. However, they can also do more dangerous simple tasks. Therefore, understanding the basic safety skills of electric tools such as electric drills has a huge impact on personal safety and longevity of tools. This guide is designed to help experienced and new drilling users through drilling appropriate […]

How to Keep Your Tool Battery Better

Power tools use batteries or electricity, and batteries can be recharged or used at once. Usually they are rechargeable. Cadmium, nickel, or nickel cadmium batteries, usually used in power tools. Unfortunately, the power of rechargeable batteries usually does not exceed 18 to 24 months. What many tool owners do not know is that, in BOSCH, […]

Help you select your first cordless drill with 8 tips

If you’ve always wanted to improve your DIY activity, one of those tools is cordless drill. This exercise is free, so you don’t have to worry about power outlets and heavy wires. You can go to work, or even in your faraway corner of your home, your reliable tools at hand. If you are buying […]

Review:Dewalt 20 volt 18 Guage Narrow Crown Stapler

Let’s say you show up to a job site in the morning to start a large interior renovation project. The first thing to install is heavy, bulky, noisy air compressors, and all those hoses that cause tripping hazards, and are always stuck with something. Now imagine the same project without compressor complete. Dewalt has recently […]

How does the battery affect the performance of cordless drill

The first rule that you need to be familiar with when choosing a cordless drill is the simple fact that you choose battery powered tools that will eventually determine the strength and torque you will get. Obviously, the Dyson cleaner has a higher battery voltage and you can expect to get more power from your […]

The Best Hitachi Drill of 2017

Drills are one of the helpful tools in the home and in the construction. Even in the wood industry, furniture production and so on, this tool is very famous. If you’re a DIY fan, of course, you also have such tools. Practice helps you make your job easier, lighter and faster. No wonder many manufacturers […]

How to Care for Rechargeable Cordless Tool Batteries

Rechargeable Cordless Tools are convenient, portable, and ready to work at a moment’s notice. Power tool batteries last for several years; and proper care and storage can extend battery life and your investment. Here are some dos and don’ts to help you get the most out of the batteries on cordless tools. Rechargeable Tool Battery […]

Harbor Freight Hercules 20V Cordless Tools

Several people wrote in about a new line of Harbor Freight Hercules cordless power tools. The first person who mentioned them said they looked like Dewalt rip-offs.I do see similarities in the tools, especially how to handle and shape the battery packs. Have a strong similarity. As an aside, I’d consider Dewalt’s newer mass market-aimed DCD777, […]