10 Best Notebook Brands 2018

Do you want a reliable laptop? Buy one from the best brands. We have evaluated the 10 best laptop brands in the world for students, businessmen, game enthusiasts and users who need the best laptop. Since the modern laptops are equipped with faster memory, efficient processors, and higher storage capacities, the brand new features associated […]

The Battery Life Maximizer New Feature: Battery Calibration Assist

If you have had a laptop for a while, you may have experienced one of the following problems: The battery remaining capacity dropped from <20% to almost zero, and the laptop suddenly shut down. The remaining capacity stays at around 10% for hours before the battery empties. If so, it’s probably because your battery’s gauge […]

Acer’s new Chromebook 14 promises a battery life of 14 hours

Mid-size screen, but with a big battery: That’s what Acer is offering with the newest in its long line of Chromebooks, the Chromebook 14. The promise of the Chromebook and Google’s Chrome OS has always been a low-cost, simple computing system that covers the basics. Traditionally that’s meant smaller screens and low-end processors. Acer has […]

The Best Notebook Battery Life Laptops of 2017

The battery may be a laptop’s most critical feature. That’s what makes it a laptop, after all, and not just a semi-portable replacement for a desktop PC. If you’re a frequent traveler, you know the crushing feeling of having to close a laptop mid-movie or mid-meeting because you just couldn’t find a power port on […]