10 Best Notebook Brands 2018

Do you want a reliable laptop? Buy one from the best brands. We have evaluated the 10 best laptop brands in the world for students, businessmen, game enthusiasts and users who need the best laptop. Since the modern laptops are equipped with faster memory, efficient processors, and higher storage capacities, the brand new features associated […]

The 5 thing I like about my new MacBook, Pro, and 5 things I don’t like

If you work in a high-tech industry, working in the Gulf, the carry on MacBook Air laptop is a real requirement. For years, they have been skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and standard equipment for everyone else in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Armadas of the silvery machines, often individualized with colorful stickers for tech startups and […]

Cheap Notebook Batteries: Good Deal or Risky?

It was five years coming, but the battery of my ThinkPad R50 finally met its maker. On a recent trip, it conked out after powering the notebook for only half an hour — three hours short of what I’m used to getting out it. Now it refuses to be recharged at all. Clearly, it’s time […]

Review:Apple MacBook (2017)

Full disclosure: I have a strong affinity for the 12 inch MacBook because it was originally introduced in 2015. Of course, this is inadequate and there is an annoying flat keyboard. It has only one usb-c port – and then there are exotic exotic, power and data connections. But I love it is very thin […]

The best laptops is less than $1000 for College Students

Our colleague, Jacks Weilig, has chosen to give some advice to the students who are going to graduate from high school. Tips are so good that we turn it into a convenient shopping guide. Below, the best $1000 laptop to buy a university. At the high end, you can get an Asus ZenBook 3 for […]

How to maximize the laptop battery life

There may be a time when you can’t charge your laptop due to the busy schedule. Because you don’t know when you will get the next opportunity to charge your laptop, so you tend to overcharge. Do you think your laptop battery is not as old as it used to be? Some of you have […]