A notebook with three days of battery life: It’s coming

Is this the dawn of the multi-day laptop battery? “Always connected personal computer or ACPCs refers to the three characteristics of the new generation of Windows notebook computer: a multi day battery; instant access when you open the lid or the touch of a button; and an optional high-speed wireless connection, to avoid a Wi-Fi […]

What is Standby for Notebooks

You can choose to put it in standby mode, or sleep mode, rather than completely turn off the laptop. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of using reserve. Overview Rather than turning the entire laptop off, including the display, hard drive, and other internal devices such as optical drives, standby mode puts your computer into a […]

How to fix laptop battery not charging to 100% on Windows 10

“My laptop runs into an issue of ‘battery not charging to 100%’. The battery gets stuck at 75% all the time even when the AC power is connected.” “When I booted up my Lenovo laptop, it reads: “20% available (plugged in, not charging).” “My Asus laptop battery is set up to charge to 65%. How do I change it […]

Notebook Batteries – an in Depth Anaylsis on What Works and What Doesn’t

The Downside Risk of Laptop Batteries You have a bigger choice, laptop battery, which may be the perfect job with your device. When you choose to sell laptop batteries, you have the potential to get fantastic loads for a long time. When you use a laptop battery with a portable charger, you can rest assured […]

All Of Your Notebook Questions Answered Here

With all the new technology in laptops today, even the most experienced laptop users, will be confused. How much experience do you have in your notebook computer?. Keep reading and learning about all the latest advances in notebook technology that anyone can use. Carefully consider the Asus a32-f5 battery life of the laptop before buying. […]

The Best Gaming Notebooks of 2017

Finding the Right Portable Gaming Rig Purists will say that you need a PC to really play games, especially if you’re a fan that drives graphics quality beyond the ability of a cell phone or a game player. In this game, the desktop is still the most important, especially when it comes to the assembly […]

The Best Asus Laptops 2017

Best Overall Asus Zenbook UX330UA With its sharp and colorful 13-inch display, speedy performance and svelte aluminum design, we’re surprised the Asus ZenBook UX330UA doesn’t cost at least $200 more. Not only is it one of the lightest and thinnest 13-inch notebooks on the market, this ultrabook packs a ton of battery life, lasting more […]

Review:Asus ZenScreen MB16AC

Whenever I put my laptop on the trip, I longed for multiple monitors on my desk. It’s over, and there’s a simple way to get back to this feeling: a $249 USB display. ASUS zenscreen mb16ac uses DisplayPort or DisplayLink technology as a portable extra display to make you more efficient. It’s fast and easy, […]

The best 25 battery life laptops for 2017

There’s nothing worse than shutting down your laptop in a big meeting, writing an important email or playing the latest best seller Netflix series on the way. Fortunately, battery life for laptops, tablets and hybrids continues to rise steadily, and the system often reaches levels of over 10 hours. Improvements to Intel’s Core i-series CPUs, […]

How to maximize the laptop battery life

There may be a time when you can’t charge your laptop due to the busy schedule. Because you don’t know when you will get the next opportunity to charge your laptop, so you tend to overcharge. Do you think your laptop battery is not as old as it used to be? Some of you have […]