The problem of choice: Tablet, smartphone or notebook?

Modern technology can simplify human life. The choice is wide. The manufacturer provides the best products to the market. You can use these small tools for a variety of reasons. For example, they can become aides in training, work and social life. There’s even a child’s cell phone. When the customer faces the question of […]

How to Keep Your Notebook Battery Going for As Long As Possible

When we use a laptop, everyone is faced with this problem. Usually, a new battery pack has a very low charging condition and must be fully charged before it is used. Please refer to the user manual of the portable electronic equipment for charge. The new battery pack needs to be fully charged and fully […]

How to Check the Charge of a Dell Notebook’s Battery

Do you have a Dell laptop but don’t know how much charge it has? Are you going out for a taxi? It will help you to finish the task! Steps Take the laptop out of its case. Make sure it is off and not in sleep mode. Flip it over onto it’s top so you […]

The Best Budget Gaming Notebook

Not everyone has 1600 dollars (or more) to spend on high-end consoles. Most people do not want to drag a 9 pound “notebook” cafe or library E. For those people, a smaller, cheaper game laptop with a weight of less than 6 pounds has a 15 inch screen, and a price less than 1000 dollars […]

What You Should Do to Find Out About Dell Notebook Batteries Before You’re Left Behind

The battery may eventually need to be replaced. Laptop batteries are not particularly cheap, and the industry has done a lot to protect their location. Well positioned laptop batteries are incredibly difficult today. For these reasons, they must be relatively small, but they also consume a lot of energy and last for a long time. […]

Tips for Maximizing Dell Notebook Battery Life

The condition of the battery when you buy the DELL Inspiron notebook battery, the DELL battery charge 100%, discharge completely, and then fully charged to 100%, and then help the battery, computer, DELL notebook, remember how much electric charge can accommodate. Since then, you will never need full discharge batteries, but always make sure that […]

Replacement Dell Inspiron 1525 Notebook Battery

According to DELL’s Inspiron 1525 battery, there are 6 cells and 9 cells and 12 cells in the market. Replace the DELL Inspiron 1525 battery with 4400 Ma 10.8V li. Sometimes, replacing the DELL Inspiron 1525 laptop battery can have a slight deviation from the original DELL Inspiron 1525 battery. Dell Inspiron battery can be […]

The best 25 laptops with the best battery life

The most important feature of many laptop shoppers is battery life, right. We carry these equipment to meetings, classrooms, airplanes, and even just from one room to another at home. The maximum time away from the power outlet allows you to move, allowing you to move around and out of power. Based on the extensive […]

Are Laptop Battery Life Claims False?

Believe the processor speed or memory capacity specifications table, your new PC is a pretty safe bet, but how to estimate the battery life? According to a report this week by Broadcasting British Corporation, some manufacturers claim that laptops can be charged free of charge for a long time. The results of battery tests performed […]

Dell gw240 battery usage tips and maintenance tricks

Laptop battery packs and Dell laptop power adapter for Inspiron 1525 usually warm up during use and when charging. However, if the power supply to the Dell inspiron laptop becomes excessively hot, there could possibly be a problem with the charging circuit which should checked by a qualified technician. If unused for the month or higher, […]