Notebook team-ups power new PCs at CES 2018

During the CES 2018, a new computer on a stone board showed a combination of a laptop, a desktop and a tablet, and felt a bit dry. There are few revolutionary new designs, only a few new products – most of them are internal or external updates to existing lines such as DELL, HP and […]

DELL’s XPS 15-2-in-1 matches apples with Radeon Vega graphics and maglev keyboards.

Yes, it’s that time of year again—Dell’s annual jamming a thumb into the eye of Apple’s vaunted MacBook Pro 15. Dell’s new XPS 15 2-in-1 makes the statement this time around. As its name implies, the XPS 15 is a 2-in-1 convertible that lets you fold the 15.6-inch screen back on itself for use in […]

10 Best Notebook Brands 2018

Do you want a reliable laptop? Buy one from the best brands. We have evaluated the 10 best laptop brands in the world for students, businessmen, game enthusiasts and users who need the best laptop. Since the modern laptops are equipped with faster memory, efficient processors, and higher storage capacities, the brand new features associated […]

Dell vs HP Laptops – Find Out Which is Better, Dell or HP

Dell and Hewlett Packard are the two most trustworthy laptop manufacturers! As a matter of fact, both companies make desktop devices, but the market share is not based on this, you know. So if you need the best laptop, it’s natural if you doubt the relationship between Dell and HP. In fact, there are a […]

The Best Laptop 2017: MacBook Pro 13 Vs. HP Spectre 13 Vs. Dell XPS 13 — The Winner Is?

Apple, Hewlett-Packard,and DELL both provided 2017 products of 13 flagship models. I’ve already used all three. So which one is on it? The configurations that I’ve been using are: the late 2017 HP Spectre 13 with 8th Generation Intel quad-core processor (Core i7 855oU), 8GB memory, 256GB of storage. The late 2017 version of the Dell XPS 13 with 8th […]

How to Store a Dell Xps M1330 Laptop Battery Properly to Save It from an Early Death

In the two part of this series, I introduced the factors of temperature and charging. In the modern high temperature of notebook computer is lithium ion battery DELL XPS M1330’s worst enemy, the frequent charge discharge cycle will affect the battery life. If your laptop computer is a desktop replacement, then you may occasionally need […]

The Best Laptops Winter 2017: Speed Spikes On Intel 8th Gen Quad Core

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your laptop, it’s time to move. The mainstream 13 inch Laptop that runs Intel’s eighth generation core processor will be faster than ever. Typically, Intel mobile quad-core processors have been 45 watts and restricted to larger, high-performance laptops for gamers and professionals. For example, Dell’s XPS 15 has always come […]

The New Dell XPS 13 First Look: Just Plain Prettier

Just as I thought DELL had reached the limit that XPS 13 could reach, the laptop maker proved to me that I was wrong. I found a new model of this preview is a real spoiler. Laptops are thinner, lighter, and just plain beautiful. Available in mild gray anodized aluminum with a carbon fiber inside […]

Five reasons to get a 4K notebook and one big reason to stay away

Their value has been debated since the 2014 4K resolution screen began appearing on laptops. At the time, there was nothing to benefit from photo editing, very few 4K content was available, and the software couldn’t improve resolution. Then there’s added hardware requirements in 4K to play games or videos, so you don’t just pay […]

Save 22% on Kaby Lake Dell XPS 15 Laptop with GTX 1050

Today, DELL launched a $400 discount on the fine XPS 15 laptop. With half of 1TB, SSD, lots of memory, and full day battery life, this stylish modern machine is absolutely worth the price premium. Spec-wise, this laptop features a seventh generation quad-core 2.8GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU, a discrete Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics […]