How to Charge a HP Notebook Battery

Charging an HP laptop battery is just as easy to plug a laptop into a power outlet to shut down the machine in a period of time. If the computer and the battery work properly, the battery will be charged during this process. However, if the laptop is in use and the battery needs to […]

10 tips for better notebook battery life with Windows 10

Does your laptop have a short battery life blues? If you have updated the Windows 10 for the fall creator update, then you have a new tool to help extend the running time of your laptop. I’ll introduce this new tool and some real battery saving techniques. Turn down display brightness Powering all of those […]

Should you run out of laptop batteries before charging?

I am often asked whether the laptop battery needs to be completely emptied before charging. My answer? Well, it depends on the type of battery that it uses. Early laptops used nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries which were subject to a “memory effect”. If  they weren’t allowed to discharge all the way before being recharged they would eventually “remember” […]

7 Reasons to Buy HP Spectre x360, 2 Reasons to Skip

Those looking for a two in one laptop can easily be converted into a flip chip, and there should be an attractive 13.3 inch HP Spectre X360 on their list. This slim, fast machine, from beautiful monitors to powerful speakers and comfortable keyboards, has a lot to love. However, there are a couple of weaknesses […]

Review:HP Spectre x2

Our HP Spectre X2 combo tablet 12.3 inches, first of all, a simple question: HP can continue as an elegant tradition, but a durable alternative to Microsoft’s flagship Surface Pro? The answer is Yes. HP took the best bits from its Elite x2 tablet and the first-generation Spectre x2 tablet (2015), then updated the new Spectre x2 with the […]

How to maximize your notebook computer Linux battery life

Notebook computer manufacturers spend a lot of time to adjust their battery life Windows equipment driver.Linux usually do not receive the same attention to.Linux executable and Windows on the same hardware, but it does not necessarily have as much as possible battery life. Linux’s battery usage has improved dramatically over the years. The Linux kernel […]