Best Place To Buy A Notebook Battery

There were instances when we use the hand count, created in the paper, we used the concept of thinking and letters in the envelope, and the emergence of a hurricane is called technology, the habit of blowing to the past, to solve the computer system provides us with a miracle!! A device of great utility, a […]

Which browser has the longest battery life?

Most of the major browser vendors have been marketing campaigns recently, touting their browser’s battery efficiency advantages. Microsoft tested, showing the edge more efficient, and then Google with its own test shows the efficiency of Chrome, Opera also responded with their own assertions. Mozilla had no claim that shot salvo. We wanted to see for […]

The Best Cheap Laptops (Under $200) Ranked Best to Worst

If you have a tight budget, buy a system for your child, or find a second hand computer, you can find a cheap laptop with a solution that costs less than $200. There are some good findings at this price range, but other notebooks have become a bad deal because of poor construction quality and […]

Amazon tap:The development of the Amazon hands-free update makes a world of difference

The Amazon faucet grew up, portable Alexa and the equipment to be in full swing. We hope it can become. After we gave it a lukewarm review last year, the $130 Amazon Tap — the battery-powered, portable member of the Alexa family — had sunk to the level of an afterthought in the CNET Smart […]

why your laptop battery dies fast

Quick, what is the biggest drain on your laptop’s battery? If you answered “the display,” you’re right — for the most part. The single biggest occupier of battery resources, day in and day out, is your laptop’s display. More specifically, it’s the that energy goes into powering the backlight that illuminates the pixels on your […]