New Dell And HP Notebooks Harness The Power Of Intel And AMD

There was a plethora of major announcements at CES 2018, but in the frenzy of things, many of them may have missed two very attractive laptops: Dell XPS 15 and phantom X360 15. Dell and HP’s new 15 notebook computer is so important, because they successfully adopted the technology innovation chip level, the innovation from […]

Tips and tricks to prolong notebook battery life

If you don’t have a power outlet on hand, the laptop is a cold aluminum sheet for a flat battery. It’s hard to find any work when you are popped out and warning information when the battery is low. Here are some tips to extend the battery life of your laptop. Some truths about your […]

Why Everyone Is Completely Wrong About Cheap Notebook Batteries

The 5-Minute Rule for Cheap Laptop Batteries By studying how to repair batteries, you can also learn how to properly maintain the battery. It is recommended to choose batteries with warranty and climate change resistance. Once the battery is sold by retailers, the situation will get worse, because the cost has risen a notch. Compared […]

7 Reasons to Buy HP Spectre x360, 2 Reasons to Skip

Those looking for a two in one laptop can easily be converted into a flip chip, and there should be an attractive 13.3 inch HP Spectre X360 on their list. This slim, fast machine, from beautiful monitors to powerful speakers and comfortable keyboards, has a lot to love. However, there are a couple of weaknesses […]